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Support & Services

Digicom Systems offers a comprehensive suite of managed services that enables you to off load many operations tasks to our experienced team. Our strengths process has been proven in datacentre, R&D Environment and Enterprise platform etc.

Our offering is customized to meet a wide range of business needs and budget. We deign and work towards to increase the performance and resilience of your IT environment while allowing your staff to focus on innovation that drive the business forward.

Every IT product needs "HELP", after sales support like, where our need would be -

  • Someone to assist in making the IT product “work”
  • A new Technology Product to be configured / connected
  • Virus Protection and Data Backup / Storage Support
  • Someone to Check and Upgrade a old product
  • A specialist to do a preventive diagnostic and fine tune products
  • IT consultations- to lower the cost & Improve efficiency
  • Strategic planning of Modern IT Infra
  • Financing & Leasing options
  • HSIA managed services
  • MAX uptime by our D2C
  • Staff augmentation
  • Local Networking Setup or Configure a WiFi

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1 Timely & Right at Doorstep

99.96% SLA Achievement, Preventive

Every Digicom employee has imbibed the fact that we are in the business to solve, not just trade. We believe we are here to help, and each one is committed to doing just that. Digicom commits to ensure services and support to create true client satisfaction. If things go wrong (as life's full of surprises and not always pleasant, that we accept the fact that 0.04% goes awry or amiss) Digicom will apologize and fix it - quick and fair. Well, it would be interesting to know an inner fact that the quality of our service and client feedback is an essential part of how we reward our employee too.

Log to Closures

Every brand of IT product has their own warranty and maintenance services rules. Digicom recommends only those brand products that offer clarity and committed after sales support. Here our real value of on-behalf support for such post sales services is the process of taking up action of service call registrations, follow up with the principal service centre for deployments of service and continually and open ended communications till the successful closure. This proactive support from our helpdesk would apply for the both warranty period timelines and extended care packs for the particular brand/principal.

Smiles & Miles

The people and process at help desk is the "brand ambassador" for any organization and its customer, to know the true value of post sales support/services in any business. We based our attitude on this principle, and designed the process that is simplified and easy for anyone to log, seek, and solve their problems. Each one of our executives are internally trained and continuously learn, the right attitudes incl. verbal/email communications, respect and empathy and thus tuned to the approach that the services need to be rendered as "wished" by the client successfully.

Here below is our range of Support & Service Solution that we bring to your needs.

Generic Customer Support Service

Customer Support/Service

  • IT-Helpdesk Process: ERP Based Call Management
  • Engineer On Demand – At Site within 4 Hours
  • Warranty, Care Pack, Annual Maintenance/Services
  • Upgrade, Repair & Refurb
Software Secific Service

Software Specific Services

  • Cloud and Virtualization platforms
  • Business Productivity Software
  • OS Customization, Deployment, Hardening & Management
  • Data Backup and Archival

preventive protective service

Preventive & Protective Services

  • Security & Privacy
  • Compliances & Audits
  • Malware & Threat Defence
  • Data Security & Disaster Recovery