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Tech Solutions

Today IT is not just a computer or a peripheral, there is a host of solutions that a client wishes and wants. Digicom Technical team engineered to optimize resiliency, performance and TCO with easy deployment to accelerate business advantages and certified to provide faster time to value. Digicom system works closely with software and Technology partners to provide high performance, scalable and cost effective IT solution to aggregate business advantages.

Today we are faced with ever rising cost, increase complexity of maintain remote client device, a growing need to avoid security problems and need for flexibility and availability of compute resources. Mobile users require access to files, applications and other corporate resources from a verity of user devices and they rely on IT to manage those resources to ensure data security across the remote location without incurring a huge cost.

Our objective is every solution should align to the client IT backbone and digital transformation, are also be apt and right fit to the end consumer. Our two-fold commitment to each client for every IT Solution is:

1Customized "N" Collaborative

Solutions Perfect

We understand that "products only" don't solve needs of IT system integration project, what's crucial is "an integrated, consolidated and right fit" solution that support the varied needs of users and business processes for a client. Every solution offered by Digicom is strategically validated to address emerging business challenges and dependency of our business critical information. Digicom team is closely work with stake holders and technology partners to make your business protected, profitable and handle your growth.

The critical components of information lifecycle management are a key requirement for our growing and demanding business.

2Competent People

Performance Maximized

Every solution under IT integration needs high and relevant technical Competency. With our internal commitment towards people competencies, our expert consultants and support engineer have extensive industry experience and deep technical expertise to help you transform your Data Centre in to a resilient, future ready designed to meet increasingly complex business requirements, maximize your ROI of your IT life cycle.

Every Digicom solutions expert has all knowledge and technical qualifications and the real time experience across our solutions portfolio. Added is each of our resource attitude of "Solving right - In time" that truly maximizes the real needs.

Using an open and collaborative approach, Digicom will openly communicate, offer choice of relevance, and deploy them to achieve the core objectives of increased efficiency, improved productivity and reduced cost of overall system integration.

Our two-fold commitment to each client for every IT Solution is

Project Management for VAS

Datacentre Management

  • Design of Datacenter Environment
  • Datacenter Rack Positioning layout, structural implementation
  • Cooling assessment and thermal engineering
  • Power line assessment and safety analysis
  • Powerline installation including all type of PDUs, UPS for AC/DC environment.
  • Rack/stack/cabling/Network Connectivity and testing
  • Configuration of infrastructure Hardware and software
  • Surveillance
Enterprise Value & Adds

Enterprise Value & Adds

  • IT-Facility management & Remote monitoring
  • Proactive management of Modern Infrastructure usingĀ ITIL based process
  • Project Outsourcing & Automation
  • Next Generation Network Security
  • IT facility Migrations
  • De commissioning
  • Leasing and Financing

Affiliated & Assortments

Affiliated & Assortments

  • POC Facilitations, OEM Alliances
  • Internal R&D & On-site POC for ISS Products
  • Asset Registrations & Consolidations
  • Tech-Refresh, Retire & Recycle