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IT Products

We are inspired by one of Walter Deming’s quotes, “Customer should take joy in our products and services.” To enable this, we at Digicom have strategically and successfully partnered with selective brand and thus carry an exhaustive and right fit IT products and Solutions in its portfolio that meet all needs of large enterprise to small businesses across a variety of market verticals. Our two-fold commitment to each client for every IT product we present and deliver are:

1Quality First – Promote Next

Digicom products & technology team works with all the major IT brands and their R&D principals to always know first-hand every new product before its formal market release. Testing, Benchmarking, comparative product studies, verifications/validation of core technical’s and similar actions are deployed continuously so that only an approved & selective lot which “fits the needs” gets into our portfolio. Thus every product you buy, you are assured of being provided accurate technical information and all business inputs that can enable you can make right decisions of buy.

2Proof it – Sell IT

Based on the rapid changes where products specifications, their unique values and positive offerings changes overnight, Digicom believes that client gets convictions only on hand on trials and proofs.

With a great relationship with product manufacturers and vendors, our team is always eager to support all your initial tests & trials, and our commitment is “No conditions, No obligations”. Buy a new product, test it, if it fits and then use it.

Here below is our range of IT system Integration products that we bring to your needs.



  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Composable Infra
  • Container
  • Hyper Converged Infra
  • Multi Node Servers


Security Solutions

  • Nxt Gen Firewalls & Gateways
  • Anti Virus and system Protection
  • E-Mail Security Solutions
  • Web Filtering
  • Malware control
  • DLP solutions



  • Data Centre Infrastructure Solutions
  • Racks - Power, Cooling
  • Structured Networking, Wireless & Surveillance
  • Switching, Routing, UTM, Network Security
  • Thermal Management Improvements
  • Green Energy Innovations
IT Product Server


  • Hyper scale
  • Blade Environments
  • Converged systems,HCI
  • Rack Optimized & Tower Servers
  • Twin solutions by SuperMicro
  • ULTRA servers by SuperMicro  

Personal Computing

Personal Computing

  • PC, Thin Client, Workstations, VDI
  • Laptops, mobile workstations, Tablets, Handhelds
  • POS, AIO Desktops, Touch Screens, Large Form Displays
  • Printers, AIOs, Copiers

IT Product Storage


  • Cloud Ready storage
  • All Flash and NVMe Hybrid
  • Block, File and Unified
  • Object Storage
  • D2D and Tape Backup
  • Cloud backup and DR