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We don't just list and pin career values on to ur workplace wall, we live and showcase it every day. Employees at Digicom are hard-wired, tech-savvy “curious”, self confident “know their stuff”, results driven “Set their targets”, customer focused “always looking to a WOW”, and more than anything else - people ready to always ‘solve”.  It’s all about who they are – and this is what sets us apart in the fast growing and competitive IT services marketplace.
Well this aspect is truly defined in our brand theme of “Driving Attitudes, Building solutions”. In simple terms, career at Digicom means an assured environment that supports each other (team work is one big attitude we have imbibed during our decade and half business journey). A host of Attitudes and Values that allows each one of us earn, learn, grow and thrive.

All you need to do is join us as a person with the an attitude of self-motivation incl. drive and initiative to ‘charge ahead” backed with a good professionalism skills and in return, we Digicom will support, encourage and provide all the opportunities for you to achieve more and get ahead continuously, day on day, year on year.

True Benefits
  • Salary Commitments

    Digicom is committed to paying competitive salaries and we inherently believe that individuals should be rewarded with a market-proportionate salary when their performance demands it. Salary levels are reviewed annually as a minimum
  • L&D

    To ensure that we can always match the right person for the job, we encourage all of our people to develop their skills and talents to their full potential. We offer a comprehensive training programmer ranging from technical training to customer-facing skills, project management and leadership development. We annually review opportunities for people to further their careers and to move within the organization.
    One of Dale Carnegie’s well known book is titled “How to Win Friends and Influence People? Seeking an inspiration from this, At Digicom we believe that the basic fact that "Each one of us have a network that can be influenced". Under a internal program titled EMPBIZ, each employee is given the freedom to recommend, refer and sell either a product, service or for career openings,. You can do business internally – the reward is you earn a point that translates into extra money. A real opportunity of "intra'preneurship"!
    A fact that is usually taken for granted or ignored is, families are the biggest support systems for each one of us at work. Digicom values each one of our employees family. Under an internal program titled “Health-Wealth”, each employee receives financial and in kind support for children education, needy advances of money, annual vacation sponsorship, like, we salute this support from families.
    A unique method at Digicom, to express gratitude to employee and his immediate family member - A realistic sample of it is arrangements and cost sponsorship for “an evening celebration of wedding anniversary”. How’s this for a unique way to enhance “bonding” under the process of human relationship build. Also are periodic support towards professional and higher education, Technical trainings and certification, sponsorship for children education till 12th, Needy Money advances for personal emergencies, medical insurance coverage, annual family vacation support etc. The list of builds on with basic objective “Employee Happiness comes 1st”

 Current Openings

Want to be the next DIGIMATE? Come over to Sip coffee (most of us are tea lovers but we serve coffee too) to present your credentials for the related career openings. If it fits well, you will get your pre-career offer letter the same day.


The theme for culture & celebrations designed with a objectives to motivate, inspire, showcase talents, and more so to get together as ONE and enhance human relationship. Here are the variety of program pictures/videos that captures the many moments of joy & happiness.