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We bring together innovative offerings, seamless service and a team of highly motivated people to help you design, implement and manage emerging technologies for your Digital transformation. You can trust Digicom to take care of the design, installation and maintenance of your critical IT infrastructure while you concentrate on business expansion and increasing productivity.

In the era of most challenging and dynamic global environment, many a customer faces challenges and problems in the process of adopting and integrating New Generation "IT" into its' Existing business. For more than a decade & half, Digicom is the name that symbolizes the solutions.

Team has the expertise to impact lives and values to make a difference through sustainable digital technologies.

With a collective management experience of 70+ years, professionals with passion, right set of strategic business associations and internal quality processes,

Digicom continues to impact lives and values to make a difference through sustainable Digital technologies. We Design, Develop, Deliver, Support and Solutions to all our clients with utmost passion.

With a huge portfolio of IT business solutions, that spans the lifecycle of Digital Transformation - from the design, deploy to manage, Digicom is the preferred brand for 300+ clients for their IT needs. Employing its own financial resources that enable purchases, backed with ERP run backend operations and a team of highly skilled engineers, Digicom delivers comprehensive & strategic technology solutions that empowers each of its client to seamlessly and successfully integrate IT into their business.

For every client we have collaborated thus far, enhanced productivity, reduced complexities, least turnaround times, lower TCO, secured IT infrastructure, and true & timely after sales support has been a few of the reaped in benefits.

Our Highlights

  • 50+ Corporate Clients / 300+ loyal customers
  • ERP Enabled Business Process
  • 90+ Employees incl. 40+ Competent Support Engineers across country 24/7
  • G.I.F.T- Green Innovations on Futuristic Technology
  • Turnover of 750 million INR
  • 78% Annual Revenues - By repeat & recommendations
  • 4-Hour Problem Resolution Commitment 24/7 support
  • Same Day Turnaround for Sales/Services

Mission & Vision

Digicom Systems is committed to offer a suite of innovative solutions and services that maximize the performance, efficiency, scalability and agility of today's Hybrid IT environment. We ensure all our solutions are sustainable and scalable in all the aspects.

We have developed the process and skillsets to deliver ourstate of the art IT equipment, innovation, collaboration with our partners, multivendor solutions for your business transformation.

Our Philosophy

Our technological innovations offer a seamless way to make your IT infrastructure more robust, less impact to environment, minimal C02 footprint, sustainable growth and peace of mind in your digital journey.

Why Choose Us?

Digicom has highly motivated team with diverse knowledge in entire Enterprise IT vision & portfolio. Our certified technical team will optimize your infrastructure add innovation to accelerate your digital transformation.

We help to manage & minimize your operational complexity.

Company history timeline



We earn customers trust by delivering exceptional experiences through partnering innovations & actions.


Strength of the relationship

We deliver high quality enterprise products, consulting, 24/7 support services in a click. We help our customers reduce the time taken to convert innovative ideas in to value. They, intern, transforms industry, market and social lives.


Endless ambition

At Digicom Quality is everyone's responsibility.
"Quality has no finish line". We are committed to continually improving and achieving our goals by embedding quality in everything we do.


Establishment of the company

Digicom was founded by Entrepreneurs to offer affordable Digital Experience.