Stephen Kumar

   GM-Commercial Operations
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One of "the pillars" of Digicom, Stephen has been with us from the day we started, The man to go for all of us esp. for anything that is "commercial" work, be it getting, renewing or managing timely records with all Govt. authorities, collaborating with external consultants, audits and closures, and many such - Stephen is the solution. . He always does things fair and square, and more than anything he loves doing this work, with passion and determination.  

A commerce graduate who started his career in accounting, and for his own "goal of change", backed with relentless pursuits on "external network management", has enabled him to rework a new profile from himself. A religious minded whose belief in "Lord" is unshakable, you will find him fully engaged, multi tasking with the sole objective to "get things happen". Not only does he represent Digicom for the entire commercial operations with market verticals of Government/PSU and also playing the SPOC role for more than a couple of corporate clients in domains of Telecom/VAS and IT.