Rohit Lakhotia

   AVP- Finance & Accounts
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It's common to hear people say "Entrepreneurship is a challenge and a risk". Ask Mr. Rohit Lakhotia (our AVP - Finance & Accounts) and his quick response based on his own 18+ years of experience as an entrepreneur himself is, "Nothing worth doing comes easy anyway. Self business means a few different thoughts, and one of it is, "To succeed, one needs to be willing to take chances, fail but never lose Hope".

A qualified Electronic Engineer, but heading our Finance & Accounting process based on his background of professional life as a self made businessman, Rohit brings the unique work asset by the way he look, sieves and interprets data (macro, micro, Pico, nuclei and nano - well no wonder NANO is one of his favorite automobiles). Always ready to pull out the needed MIS to discuss financial stuff, get the accounting process working on time and error free are the two major strengths at work. A person of believes in simplicity, he is seen making self conscious effort to maintain a work-life balance and for him excellence is all about doing things perfect (quality) and in time (to the minute).