Mohammad Akhtar Ali

   Founder and Managing Director
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"Entrepreneurship is a challenge and a risk". When Mr. Akhtar Ali, our Founder and Managing director, hears this, his quick response is "Nothing worth doing comes easy anyway". Digicom was formed with little investment, but true & larger investments have been in building a core internal team, strategic partnerships, and more than anything, the setting up right attitudes and quality process for business excellence.

Akhtar is an engineer in electronics and communications with passion for design and integrations. A mind and memory sharp and positive, he is a person who values the principle of "Delighted Client = Long Term business". Thus he invests all his time and energy to drive the attitudes of every employee helping them raise the bar of excellence and make Digicom achieve “WOW” realities.

With passion towards green economics, you will now find him learning the nuances of "organic farming". Given his entrepreneurial streak, we are sure that this "green stuff" in near future will be turned out into a "Real and Successful" agro-horticulture business venture.

Akhtar lives out his life principle of, "When one has more than what is needed, and then he should always look at giving something back to poor and under-privileged community around". Thus with value of "sharing & giving", you will always find him contributing to community for its varied needs.